Loving Yourself First

Loving myself means I will take care of me. I've never really taken care of ME before. I always take care of everyone else or do things for other people. Yes, that's right I'm a People Pleaser!!!

When I'm doing things for others I don't have to focus on myself. When focusing on me all I see are flaws. Flaws that I want to cover up. Always having to be the best dressed and hiding behind a BEAUTIFUL smile, doing things I am not even INTERESTED in just to fit in with whomever I am around.

They say you can't love someone unless you love yourself. I used to think I loved myself because I put time and effort into my appearance and I was confident in my body, therefore I love myself.

I am today years old when I figured out why my past relationships have failed. It is because I DIDN'T LOVE MYSELF. All the ENERGY I wasted. I should of used on myself. I DESERVE to be taken care of! How is someone going to want to take care of me if I DON'T take care of myself?! Today I am LOVING MY SELF FIRST!!!!!

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