Begin Each Day With A Grateful Heart

I wake up today day 6 of COVID. I am grateful to receive energy. Being able to take a deep breath and feel all the aches and pains leaving my body. I think of the person I want to become.

Under the weather I doubted my goals. The weakness I felt almost sucked me back into lazy habits. As I laid in bed last night I thought to myself, I am no longer lazy! I will set small goals to do things around the house in between taking care of my toddler and resting. I repeat, I will find energy to provide my son with the best care possible. I will have energy to get up and clean the house. I will have energy to cook a meal. I will have energy to focus on my goals.

I was able to manifest the energy needed to keep going. I am thankful today I woke up with A Grateful Heart.

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