Appreciate Your Growth

Life throws us obstacles. Looking back I realize how far I've come.

This month marks the 3rd anniversary of my divorce. This at the time, was the scariest thing I've done! This wasn't scary because of toxic behaviors, and certainly wasn't due to kiddos... I felt financially stuck. We were drowning in debt as a couple. How was I supposed to do this ALONE?!

I've had it! Enough became enough, I packed one bag and left. I was able to rent a room. Six months later I was offered my very own two bedroom apartment!

I took a second job, life was better than EVER!!! Bills paid on time, two major vacations a year, getaway weekends with the ladies, and not to mention I bought my first NEW car!

I was on my own and had more financial freedom from the time I was stuck in a small one bedroom apartment with my ex husband.

Whenever I am faced with a new obstacle I remind myself to NEVER FORGET and LEVEL UP.

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